More about Ruth and Ken

A fabulous mix of folk and acoustic music with Ruth on vocals and Ken on guitar and banjo (and the odd harmony) :) 

Ruth and Ken provide a superb combination of songs from the 1930's, to the traditional folk song and English/American contemporary music, giving concerts that will appeal to almost every audience.

They have performed together for over 28 years. Their relationship together on stage leaves no doubt that they are totally in tune with each other through the many years playing all over the country and overseas together. 

Ruth is a super vocalist and one of the UK’s folk and acoustic scenes favourites. Born in Hadfield near Glossop, the rolling hills of Derbyshire,  she wasted no time in establishing herself on the scene as an exceptional vocalist.  Her mastery and interpretation of the material that she chooses leaves one in no doubt of her exceptional abilities as a singer.

On stage she creates a self-assured and charismatic atmosphere that leaves audiences captivated and delighted, together with an endearingly zany sense of humour that belies a 'no nonsense' approach to her craft.  As one review stated (Gregson Lane Folk Club)....
'Not only has she got an amazingly – clear – pitch-perfect singing voice she also has that natural ability to communicate with an audience. She can do ‘Funny’ – she can do ‘Brassy’ – she can do ‘Happy’ – she can do ‘Sad’ and I guarantee that every member of that audience went home thinking that Ruth was their new best friend' 

This lady means business, as her Italian/Irish ancestry will sometimes display. But a finer folk and acoustic artist,  one would be hard pushed to find.

Ken was born and raised in Manchester and became interested in music from an early age.  He taught himself to play in his teenage years. His emergence into the music world began with the strong influences in the popular music culture of the time. Artists like Bert Jansch, Joni Mitchell and others stimulated his desire to explore further. It wasn't long before he was a well-known face in the clubs,  creating a solid musical background for himself. Many people have admired Ken's musical talent and abilities which add a solid backbone to performances and artists alike. This, together with a quiet and dedicated approach to his music has won him acclaim from a number of other notable artists. 

To add to this,  with his exploration of the steel stringed instrument,  he became increasing disappointed with the instruments available to play and using his engineering background, became a luthier around 20 years ago and currently has his own bespoke brand of steel stringed instruments, including guitars, banjo, mandola’s, gazzukies. His history of builds are generally for leading professional acoustic artists on the folk and acoustic scene.  Such s Mike Silver, Chris While and Julie Matthews, Dave Walmisley to name a few.  Although pretty much retired, he does still build on occasion, when the mood takes him. 

The have several Cd’s available to buy,  3  as the duo and 5 as the trio The Riskies (Aka Risky Business). A collaboration from the start of their musical career together, with the talented singer song writer Dave Walmisley.  Although they disbanded around 18 years ago to pursue other musical careers and personal ventures, it's worth knowing the Riskies do still do short tours from time to time and they are worth looking out for.

Over these years what started as a friendship when performing as the Riskies, their relationship blossomed and Ruth and Ken eventually married over 16 years ago.  

Don’t you just love a happy ending!