Risky Business

We are very pleased to announce that Risky Business are touring again. 

It came to fruition whilst going about the country doing our own gigs and Dave doing his with Other Roads.   

It seems we were constantly being asked would we ever do something again as Risky Business. So we gently put the feelers out around festivals and clubs over a 48 hour period and ..POW!  

After much deliberation..( all of 1 day), plus lots of rummaging through the archives for some old favourite songs and the creation of lots of new ones, we got cracking with rehearsals. 

We look forward to seeing old faces and new and playing some of the old favourites and a few new ones.   
We have a new album too!   It's all very exiting!  

NOTE: Due to all our other music related committments, we only do a couple of short tours a year. 
If you run a club, arts venue or festival and want to be part of one of our tours please get in touch!



Shadows on Water - Track from the latest album - 'Threads of Gold (2019)



The Riskies - Live at Moira Furnace Folk Festival 2018